Tuesday, November 13, 2012


U.S Embassy in Havana Cuba

UNITED NATIONS (New York) — The United Nations General Assembly Voted 21 years in a row to condemn the  50 year old American embargo against the Latin Caribbean island of Cuba.

The vote was 188 for, with only 3 against with Israel and Palau joining the United States and three countries abstaining.

Last year the vote was almost the same with 186-2, and 3 countries abstentions.

 This brings the Cuba-American embargo to teh forefront  of one of the worlds most useless political actions against any country in modern history.

All the countires of the modern world are clearly telling telling U.S President Barack Obama to put an end to this ridiculous blockade against the people of Cuba.

As always the poor people of Cuba are the only ones that are suffering under the inhuman American Embargo.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Cuba is a great place to visit to enjoy the beach, history culture, music, dancing and especially the Cuban people. One thing to remember is that Cuba is not cheap. Unless you have a purchased an "All Inclusive Cuba Vacations" then you will have to pay "a la carte" or as you go and remember Havana Cuba is expensive to the naive traveler. The Currency is the Cuban Convertible Peso CUC, which is valued higher than the USD so be careful and make sure you bring enough cash because Cuba will give you so many good reasons to spend your money and have lots of fun that the ore you bring with you the more you will enjoy your Cuban vacation. If you are an experienced traveler that likes adventure then hang on to your seat belt because Cuba has many hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover.

First and most expensive place to visit is Havana which is unlike any other modern capital city in Latin America that you have every visited. Havana is truly a city that never sleeps with its pulsating latin salsa beat and hot Cuban dancing & singing available to you everywhere you visit. Everything is waiting for you there, Dancing, singing, Art, Culture, Museums, Good Cuban food, Movies & Film, Theater, Fantastic beaches and amazing people. In fact the main reason tourist keep coming back to Cuba is the warm smiles of the Cubans who are more that happy to see you visit their beloved Cuba.
So pack up your dancing shoes and bathing suit and visit Cuba where the sun & fun never stop as long as you have the money to spend you your Cuban Holiday.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Cuba Free Travel All Cubans
HAVANA - Cuba will scrap much-reviled travel restrictions starting in January, making it easier for its citizens to leave the communist-ruled island in the first major reform to its migration policies in half a century.
The changes reverse tough restrictions imposed in 1961 when the government tried to put the brakes on a mass migration of people fleeing after the 1959 revolution that put Fidel Castro in power.
The government said on Tuesday it will lift requirements to obtain an exit visa permitting departure from Cuba and a letter of invitation from someone in the destination country, putting an end to a process that was too time consuming and expensive for Cubans, with no guarantee of final approval.
Now, most Cubans will only have to show their passport, national identity card and, if needed, a visa from the country they will visit to go abroad, deputy immigration chief Colonel Lamberto Fraga told reporters.
In theory, the changes should make it easier for Cubans to not only travel but to work abroad and return home when they want.
But Cubans will still have to obtain visas from most countries, which may not be easy because of fears that those who were granted tourist visas might not want to return to the island.
“For most, the key bottleneck will now be getting an entry visa from the target country,” said Bert Hoffmann, a Cuba expert at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg.
The changes, which Fraga called “profound,” are the latest reforms under President Raul Castro, who has modestly liberalized Cuba’s Soviet-style economy.
An editorial in the Communist Party newspaper Granma said the travel reforms were enacted as part of an “irreversible process of normalization with its emigrants (abroad)” and to facilitate travel for “practical matters” and orderly, safe immigration.
It put the blame for its previous policy on the United States, which it said has long tried to sabotage Cuba in various ways, including the enticement of doctors and other professionals away from the island.
Over the last half century, thousands of Cubans have died trying to cross the treacherous Florida Straits in flimsy boats and homemade rafts, while hundreds of thousands more have completed the journey, many of them in mass migrations in 1965, 1980 and 1994.
English: U.S. Interest section (Embassy) of th...
English: U.S. Interest section (Embassy) of the United States in La Habana - Cuba. Français : Batiment des Etats-Unis à La Havane - Cuba. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The United States now accepts up to 20,000 Cubans annually via legal immigration - mostly for the purpose of family reunification - and also takes in those who manage to reach U.S. shores without being intercepted.
Under the so-called “wet foot, dry foot” policy, however, it turns back Cubans picked up at sea. Almost 1,300 Cubans were repatriated to Cuba in the last 12 months after failing to make it to U.S. shores.
The new measures, set to take effect on Jan. 14, extend to 24 months, from the current 11, the amount of time Cubans can be out of the country without losing rights and property, and they can seek an extension, the government said.
Cubans welcomed the changes, which Castro promised last year but then delayed because he said there were issues and details to be worked out.
“There have been many expectations for many years about a new travel law. It’s a big step forward that will save us money and simplify the process,” said Rafael Pena, an office worker, as he headed to his job in Havana.
“At last, our government is not going to treat us like children,” said Israel Gutierrez, a college student, while waiting to board a bus.
One woman said she hoped to finally take her daughter to Disney World in Florida.
Another, Margarita Nunez, praised the changes and said she had only one desire: “I hope I can go visit my family,” in the United States.
Prominent dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez, who complains that she has been denied travel permits by the authorities 20 times, said on Twitter she would test the lifting of restrictions as soon as they took effect.
“My friends tell me not to get my hopes up about the new immigration law,” Sanchez said. “They say I’m on the ’black list’ but I’m still going to give it a try.”
Fraga said restrictions would still be in place for certain groups that Cuba does not want to lose, including doctors, members of the military and athletes, and for reasons of national defense or security.
Cuba experts praised the changes as a big step forward.
“Like earlier decisions legalizing the personal sales of homes and cars, this is another step in the direction of loosening restrictions and opening up Cuban society,” said Sarah Stephens, executive director of the Center for Democracy in the Americas, a Washington group opposed to the U.S. embargo on Cuba.
It “responds to the Cuban population’s highest priority wish to be able to leave and return to the island freely,” she said.
The changes also mean that “Cuba now gives its citizens more freedom to travel to the U.S. than the U.S. gives its citizens to travel to Cuba,” said John McAuliff of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development, which advocates for better U.S.-Cuba relations.
Under its longstanding trade embargo against Cuba, the United States allows Cuban Americans free travel to their homeland but requires most other Americans to get a license from the U.S. government to visit the island.
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Monday, June 11, 2012


Bay of Cuba  to be PGA Golf Course Resort


 Cuba Ministry of Tourism under the leadership of Former Cuban President Fidel Castro have announced plans to build 20 PGA golf courses over the next 10 years till 2025 as the Cuban island plans to offer more Golfing and themed amusement parks in addition to the sun and sand to the three million tourist who visit Havana, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Trinidad and all of Cuba every year stated Tourism Vice Minister Alexis Trujillo .

Cuba plans to build American style Golf  resorts and Disney theme parks and add 250,000 All inclusive luxury hotel resorts  as it tries to expand Cuban tourism and enhance its image as the Caribbeans leading resort destination said the tourism minister at news conference in Havana Cuba.

Cuban Tourism has become Cuba's main source of foreign currency since the collapse of Russia early in the 1990s which cut economic subsidies and started a long lasting deep depression. While Cuba is famous for the historical charm of Old Havana and its antique American vintage cars dating from the 1950s, most tourists go straight to Varadero beach resorts located north on the Caribbean island best beaches.

Tourism to Cuba rose 9.8% in 2012 after U.S. President Barack Obama lifted the American embargo to Cuba with travel restrictions and allowed Americans on religious and cultural exchanges to visit Cuba. Almost 300,000 Cuban-Americans and 50,000 American born citizens have vacationed to Cuba since 2011.

Canadians on Holiday to Cuba, Havana and Varadero beach are by the far the most popular tourist to the island with more than 1 million Tourist expected in 2012.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Bikini Tourist Girl on Holiday on Varadero Beach  1 hour east of Havana Cuba

 Cuba Breaks Tourist Record

Cuban Tourist arrivals in Havana broke the Caribbean record in the first four months of 2012 stated the Cuban Ministry of Tourism and Statistic Bureau.

Holiday vacationers to Cuba, Varadero, Matanzas, Cayo Coco, Trinidad and this Caribbean island beach paradise reached 1.24 million since April this year, up over 5.2 percent over the same period in 2011, the Cuban tourism and Insurance bureau said, adding that the previous Cuban Health, Travel & Insurance record produced a ten percent increase in revenue.

Since April, 2012, Cuba, Havana, Trinidad, Cayo Largo & Varadero beaches received 300,000 tourists, over 15,000 more tourist than in 2011. Cuba's top tourism partner is still Canada the most valuable source of Cuban tourists, followed by France, Argentina, Germany, Russia and Mexico.

The United States American tourist are the fastest  growing tourist sector with over 100,000 Cuban Americans travel to Cuba in the past year with millions more Americans expected to vacation in Cuba as soon as U.S. President Obama lifts the American travel restrictions.
cuba (Photo credit: citronate)

Cuba is banking on health insurance and medical tourism to serve as a the financial engine of growth to help the future development of other social, medical and economic projects, the Cuban government aims at receiving over 3 million tourists in 2012.

Cuban Investments in Tourism up significantly

Havana Cuban tourism hotel imports and exports were up 20 percent during the first quarter of 2012, compared with the same period in 2011, due mainly to the visit of the Pope to Cuba which resulted in increased income from tourism, Cuban travel, Health Insurance and health care services reported the Ministry of Cuban Banking and Finance.

This financial profit follows a 20 percent rise in exports according to experts at the Foreign Trade Ministry. Increasing Cuba tourist is good news for Cuban President Raul Castro and his efforts to boost Cuba's debt-ridden economy by increasing export income and decreasing imports.

In 2010 Cuba's exports totaled $14.2 billion according to preliminary figures with Cuba's exports rose 10 percent compared to 2011, 15 percent of which was tourism, Cuban hotels and the remainder health and travel insurance services. The financial profits earned from tourism insurance services are accounted for by tourism and health care assistance. In Varadero tourist grew over 10 percent in April according to the Cuban National Statistics Office.

As a bonus for protecting the health care of foreign tourist in Cuba some 40,000 Cuban professionals, most from the health care sector, are working in the tourist sector in Varadero, Cayo Coco, Trinidad, Matanzas, Havana and also in oil-rich Venezuela and the bulk of earnings go to the Cuban government.

Cuba health care sector exports similar Insurance and surgery laser technical services to some 30 other countries with service category income that also includes communications and revenues from hospitals and  joint ventures.

After 10 years of investing in Cuban tourism hotel sector Castro's investment funds appears to have paid off in order to boost exports and reduce imports which have resulted in annual trade surpluses averaging $2 billion since the first Cuban Investment back in 1990.
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