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Cuba is a great place to visit to enjoy the beach, history culture, music, dancing and especially the Cuban people. One thing to remember is that Cuba is not cheap. Unless you have a purchased an "All Inclusive Cuba Vacations" then you will have to pay "a la carte" or as you go and remember Havana Cuba is expensive to the naive traveler. The Currency is the Cuban Convertible Peso CUC, which is valued higher than the USD so be careful and make sure you bring enough cash because Cuba will give you so many good reasons to spend your money and have lots of fun that the ore you bring with you the more you will enjoy your Cuban vacation. If you are an experienced traveler that likes adventure then hang on to your seat belt because Cuba has many hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover.

First and most expensive place to visit is Havana which is unlike any other modern capital city in Latin America that you have every visited. Havana is truly a city that never sleeps with its pulsating latin salsa beat and hot Cuban dancing & singing available to you everywhere you visit. Everything is waiting for you there, Dancing, singing, Art, Culture, Museums, Good Cuban food, Movies & Film, Theater, Fantastic beaches and amazing people. In fact the main reason tourist keep coming back to Cuba is the warm smiles of the Cubans who are more that happy to see you visit their beloved Cuba.
So pack up your dancing shoes and bathing suit and visit Cuba where the sun & fun never stop as long as you have the money to spend you your Cuban Holiday.

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